EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) –¬†A report of a trash fire in El Paso County led to the discovery of more than 150 marijuana plants at a home.

The Tri-County Fire Department responded to Yoder early this morning.

“They said that they were burning trash. It wasn’t anything big; they said probably a good 3-by-3-foot area burning. The fire seemed to be under control, it just seemed to have gotten a little bit larger than for fires that people see at 3 in the morning,” says Daniel Snelling with the fire department.

(credit: CBS)

Authorities say the person who called 911 told authorities there might be a marijuana grow on the property.

“Just for fire department safety, we are not trained to deal with those situations so we called deputies out,” says Snelling.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to help, and found dozens of pot plants on the property.

The Metro Vice, Narcotics and Intelligence Division confirmed it is an illegal grow.

Two men were taken into custody, but have been released.

Authorities seized 400 plants from the same home in April.

It’s not clear if the same people are connected to the recent grow discovery or if it’s a new group.


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