ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A man is suing the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office after he says a case of mistaken identity left him battered and bruised.

Tim Crall says a police K9 went after him, but says police officers had the wrong guy.

Tim Crall sits down with CBS4’s Tom Mustin (credit: CBS)

It happened last January when Crall was at home in Kiowa, watching TV when his door was knocked down. He says that’s when the police K9 ran in and Crall was dragged outside.

“One minute I’m sitting watching TV, and having a beer, the next I’m being drug out the door with a dog all over me and two pistols in my face. Needless to say that kind of ruins a guy’s whole evening,” said Crall.

Tim Crall (credit: CBS)

After spending the night in jail, the charges against Crall were dropped.

Turns out deputies had an arrest warrant for another man staying on the same property.


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