FIRESTONE, Colo. (CBS4) – Two geese entangled in fishing line at St. Vrain State Park were rescued by park rangers over the weekend.

On Sunday, a “goose was wrapped up in over 200′ of heavy-test, braided fishing line,” the park posted to Facebook. “The craziest part is that the line was connected to a second injured goose on the other side of the island.”

Rangers swooped in on a boat, rowing right up to one of the geese. In the posted video, it appears the bird was barely keeping its head above water when the rangers arrived.

Because both were tangled up, “every time that one pulled away, it drug the other with it.”

Both geese were thankfully fine and flew away from their rescuers.

Park rangers remind anyone out enjoying the parks that there are appropriate places to dispose of fishing line, and in the lake is not one of them.

“Pockets, trash cans, or the specifically designed and labelled fishing line receptacles in dozens of locations along popular fishing destinations at our park, including within 100 feet of this video,” are all good places to start. “Pick one.”


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