MINNEAPOLIS (CBS4) – The Minnesota State Patrol has “so. many. questions” after someone was pulled over for riding their motorcycle in a panda suit.

According to the patrol, someone called 911 earlier in the summer to report the rider after spotting them on another highway.

“Rightfully so, they were concerned about the person’s vision being obstructed and worried because the rider was weaving through traffic and riding no-handed,” state patrol posted on Facebook.

On Aug. 31, dispatchers spotted the panda motorcyclist on traffic  cams on Interstate 394.

“Troopers were able to pull over the driver, who wanted his riding videos to go ‘viral.'”

He may have gotten what he wished, but not without being cited for reckless driving.

In addition, his panda suit was confiscated.

“Halloween’s not for more than a month. And even if Halloween was today, this would not be OK – or legal, in case you were wondering.”


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