GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)– Parole has been denied for a man who struck and killed a teenager who was jogging in Lakewood four years ago.

Derrick Fransua was sentenced to 13 years in prison for his role in the crash after he pleaded guilty to the hit and run.

Derrick Fransua (credit: CBS)

Derrick Fransua (credit: CBS)

Fransua was up for parole just three years into his sentence. That parole was denied on Wednesday morning. There were questions surrounding how Fransua was considered for parole just three years into his sentence.

According to Colorado law, he is allowed to be considered for placement within the community 19 months before his parole release date.

Gerard Julien (credit: CBS)

He was denied but the possibility of him being released rattled more than the victim’s family.

“The best way to describe him is: he is a monster,” said Derrick Fransua’s ex-girlfriend Ashlyn Curry.

She described her ex-boyfriend as abusive, terrorizing and dangerous.

“I couldn’t believe he was already up after serving just a mere three years for a sentence of murdering someone,” said Curry.

Fransua was street racing near Kipling and Asbury in Lakewood in July 2013 when he went through a red light and struck Gerry Julien.

The intersection near where a jogger was struck in a hit & run. (credit: CBS)

Julien was home for the summer from an elite military boarding school. He wanted to be an Air Force pilot. Hours before he was killed he was volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Fransua then lied about how he got the damage to his vehicle. He said he struck a deer. It was his own father who turned him in.

“He got off pretty lucky for only getting 13 years for taking a young boy from his family,” said Curry.

Julien’s parents say there’s no amount of time served worth their son’s life, but they do know that three years isn’t enough.

“Nothing’s going to bring our son back. The initial sentence of 13 years, and the board considering as early as 3 years… it’s nowhere near enough time,” said Julien’s mother Gina Julien.

She said the board is sending a message by denying Fransua’s parole but the prosecution believes it’s her message that will keep him behind bars.

“I think their being here and being as brave and courageous as they were explaining the trauma and the fear that they live with still is why the community corrections board voted against him being released into the community at this time,” said prosecutor Michael Dougherty.

Fransua’s mother was at the hearing but not able to make a statement before the board. While she sympathizes with the Juliens, she told CBS4 that she doesn’t think his ex-girlfriend should be allowed to sway the board with her testimony. She says her son is not the man Curry has made him out to be and that his time served has made him a much better person.


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