DENVER (CBS4) – With two wins to start the season Trevor Siemian is starting to gain admirers around the NFL, especially from former broadcaster Phil Simms, who is widely despised by Broncos Fans.

Trevor Siemian (credit: CBS)

Siemian is tied for the NFL lead in touchdowns with six and the Broncos have the best 3rd down conversion percentage in the league.

Simms recently said it’s time for more people to pay Siemian the respect he deserves so far this season.

“I love the way he plays. I don’t think he gets the credit he deserves,” Simms said. “He hangs in there, takes big hits, he throws the ball on time, he throws it with anticipation and he throws a perfect spiral almost every single throw.

“I wish everybody would get over the fact that he is their quarterback. And ‘oh he wasn’t a high draft pick,’ or ‘he’s not a franchise guy,’ well you know what? I think he really is.”

Simms was replaced by Tony Romo in the broadcast booth but is a member of the NFL Today on CBS and is still widely sharing his thoughts on the league.

The Broncos head to Buffalo for an 11 a.m. kickoff Sunday morning on CBS4.


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