DENVER (CBS4) The American Diabetes Association is celebrating National Healthy Lunch Day by encouraging everyone to eat a healthy lunch, full of fresh fruits and vegetables. That is exactly what’s on the menu at Beach Court Elementary School in Denver. In addition to a sandwich made with whole wheat bread or mac & cheese made with whole grain pasta, the kids can serve themselves from the fresh fruit and veggie bar.

Fresh fruit and veggie bar at Beach Court Elementary (credit CBS)

“They have to take a ½ a cup of fruits or vegetables so we want it to be something that they want,” said Theresa Hafner, executive director of Enterprise Management, which contracts with Denver Public Schools on food services.

Over the years, the district has moved away from highly processed foods, which are high in trans fats and high fructose corn syrup, opting now for more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and from scratch cooking. But beyond changing the food that’s offered, the district is also now offering more options for children.

A student eats a plum at Beach Court Elementary School (credit CBS)

“Making sure there are vegetarian choices, hot choices, cold choices and just letting them make the choices, gives them control, and they’re making healthy choices,” Hafner told CBS4.

The American Diabetes Association supports school districts in their efforts to move to healthy lunches every day of the year.


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