THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Even more dinosaur bones have surfaced at the dig for Triceratops in Thornton. This is the latest in a series of fossil discoveries at the site in the past month.

Just as crews were wrapping up their work at the construction site of the new public service facility located at 132nd Avenue and Quebec Street on Monday, more fossils were discovered.

(credit: CBS)

The team found what they believe is the sacrum, the lower back bones of the Triceratops. It adds to what has already been discovered and is being called the most complete find in Colorado’s history.

(credit: CBS)

It also builds a picture of what Thornton looked like 66 million years ago.

(credit: CBS)

“This dinosaur was out in a landscape that was complex and the skull was concentrated in what was probably a low spot and these other bones went up the sides of this low,” said Dr. Joe Sertich from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The bones will be taken back to the lab at the museum where they will be cleaned and reassembled. The bones will be added to the collection at the museum in Denver.

(credit: Denver Museum of Nature and Science)

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Just days after the initial discovery of the fossil, crews also uncovered a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth.

(credit: City of Thornton)