COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are searching for a woman who has been seen repeatedly defecating in a neighborhood while out running.

Cathy Budde says her kids saw the woman mid-squat and came running back in the house to tell her.

“They are like, ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ So I come outside, and I’m like … ‘are you serious?'” Budde said to the runner. “‘Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids?!’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry!'”

(credit: Budde family)

Budde says the runner is doing it in her neighborhood at least once a week for the last seven weeks, so they nicknamed her “The Mad Pooper.”

“Two other times we’ve caught her – caught her yesterday – she changed up her time a little bit because she knew I was watching.”

Now the Colorado Springs Police Department is involved, and say the runner could face charges of indecent exposure and public defecation.

“It’s abnormal, it’s not something I’ve seen in my career,” Sgt. Johnathan Sharketti said. “For someone to repeatedly do such a thing … it’s uncharted territory for me.”

According to the Budde family, there are plenty of restrooms less than a block away from where the woman is running, and so believe “this is intentional.”

If you can identify the runner, please call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7240.

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  1. Jason Wert says:

    this story leaves me feeling down in the dumps.

  2. Just check the local DNC clubhouse. They’re full of shiite.

  3. Those poop and scoop fines in Colorado need to be raised! Mile high is getting high and now they’re piling high!

  4. John Dillon says:

    Must be a lib trying to turn the country third world. Derp.

  5. If you don’t like people leaving Golden Logs on your lawn turn on your sprinklers. Oh wait, you could be arrested for doing that, if it happened on a non watering day.

  6. Jim Gravelyn says:

    A good detective would keep a log of every jogger entering the neighborhood, then narrow it down by a process of elimination to the guilty party.

  7. marti4jeffco says:

    I think the police need to talk to her husband in private to find out if there is something he is not saying. She keeps talking, but no husband comments. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to this story than we know. Either this woman is mentally ill, or this family has some connection to her. This has gotten a lot of public attention, and it appears she wants that. She has to know she has been on TV. She is clearly mad at someone for something, or needs help.

  8. By golly, I think she needs to just fess up and tell everybody just how she accomplishes this amazing regularity……Same time/same place….damned impressive…….Could it be the family size bowl of chili and bag of corn chips just before her run?………………………………………………………………………………..

    Sorry…that was crude…Probably does nothing but Ken-L-Ration and pure water.

  9. Bless her for fighting back against the dogs who poop everywhere.

  10. Hey, at least she’s house trained and isn’t doing it inside the house!

  11. Jog A Little Run,
    Take A Little Dump;
    Get ‘Down’, Tonight.

  12. Arne Yoga says:

    To be fair, if they charge her they also have to charge Trump. He’s been taking a dump on the constitution, nation, and the entire world for months now.

  13. You have to be shltting me . . . . . : /

  14. She’s marking her territory . . .

  15. David Alster says:

    Lighten up folks, it is normal bodily function.

  16. She must be a Clinton voter trying to get the “taste” out of her.

  17. As the old song goes, ‘every party needs a pooper thats why I invited you, party pooper…. party pooper’

  18. How is it that I just intuitively know that this woman voted for Hillary?

  19. She might not be doing this on purpose. This lady could have a medical condition…a GI problem causing her issues or mental illness.

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