CBS Local — Many children can be scared of that first trip down the playground slide. To ease the fears of a trip from what that must feel like 100 feet in the air to some kids, it’s common to see parents flying down the colorful slides with their children securely seated on their laps. New research is now saying that adults doing just that could be doing more harm than good for their kids.

Researchers, presenting at a conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics, claimed that the majority of leg injuries that occurred on slides happened when the child was riding along with an adult. More than 350,000 children under six-years-old were reportedly injured on slides between 2002 and 2015. The study found that more than a third of the injuries were leg fractures and toddlers between one and two-years-old were most frequently hurt.

Pediatricians say the leg fractures most commonly happen when the child’s foot gets caught on the slide and bent back as the adult keeps moving forward. “I’ve seen a lot of these injuries throughout my career, and I hadn’t seen anybody talk about this issue,” said Dr. Charles Jennissen.

The doctor Carver College of Medicine added that over 80 percent of injuries to babies under the age of one are leg injuries. “You really need to make sure that you’re watching and controlling the child’s lower extremities so they don’t catch on the side of the slide,” Dr. Jennissen added.