DENVER (CBS4) – The Broncos will honor former Denver linebacker Demarcus Ware on Sunday at Mile High.

demarcus ware 1 Denver To Honor Demarcus Ware As His 2 Former Teams Go Head To Head

DeMarcus Ware (credit: CBS)

Ware will take part in the coin toss before the game against the Dallas Cowboys, a team Ware also played for during his impressive NFL career.

He spent nine seasons in Dallas followed by three here in Denver, so the logical question is: Who will he be rooting for Sunday afternoon?

“This week, it’s going to be split a little bit,” he told reporters on Thursday. “I’ll be on the sideline … (a reporter asks ‘Which sideline?’) … on the 50 yard line in the middle. (a reporter asks ‘What color will you have on?’) …I’ll have on blue. Both teams have blue, so I’m 50-50 when it comes to that.”

“I will have a D on. But you will not know which D it stands for.”

Ware, a nine-time Pro Bowl selection, helped lead the Broncos to their Super Bowl 50 victory over the Carolina Panthers, and ranks eighth all-time in the NFL in sacks. He announced his retirement in March and is currently doing some analyst work for NFL Network.

The Broncos will also give fans a chance to give Ware a cheer when he comes on the field during in a break in the action in the first half.


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