DENVER (CBS4)– Beth Mowins will make history on Monday night as the first woman to call a Monday Night Football game.

Mowins is no stranger to making history. When she began calling college football games for ESPN in 2005, she became only the second woman to call nationally televised college football games for the network.

Twelve years later, Mowins is ready to blaze a new trail. She will be in the booth for the second half of ESPN’s Monday Night Football doubleheader on Sept. 11, calling the matchup between the Los Angeles Chargers and Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos Defensive End Derek Wolfe tweeted out his excitement over Mowins calling the game.

Mowins will become just the second woman, and the first in 37 years, to do play-by-play of an NFL regular-season telecast. Following her debut on Monday Night Football, Mowins will continue to call games for NFL on CBS throughout the season, beginning with Cleveland vs. Indianapolis on Sept. 24.

“I’m really excited to welcome Beth Mowins to the CBS Sports family,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said at the NFL on CBS Media Day. “I think it says a lot about what CBS is all about. Beth was hired not because she’s a woman. Beth was hired because she’s a terrific play-by-play personality and is really going to be a great addition to our team.”

Beth Mowins Play-by-Play Announcer NFL on CBS

Beth Mowins (Photo Credit: Keane Studios)

Mowins is no stranger to covering big-time football. She has been a longtime play-by-play voice for college football on ESPN. In addition, she has been a part of the local TV coverage of the Oakland Raiders’ preseason games for the last few years.

On September 24th, she will join NFL on CBS analyst Jay Feely in the booth, becoming the first woman in CBS’s 58 years broadcasting the NFL to ever call play-by-play for the network’s NFL on CBS games.

“I like what Sean said, that she got the job because of her body of work,” said Feely. “Because she’s such a good announcer. And as a father of three girls who tells them all the time, ‘You can be anything you want. If you have a dream, go after it. Work harder than anybody else. You can accomplish it. You can achieve it,’ it’ll be special for me to be in the booth with her and to be a living example of that message that I’m trying to send to them.”

Mowins doesn’t want the focus to be on her, and instead would like the attention to go to the players and the game itself. However she realizes the impact her presence in the booth will have on young women around the world who might want to follow in her footsteps. Similar to when she was a child watching her role model Phyllis George on NFL Today during the 1970s, Mowins is aware that young women will likely look up to her.

gettyimages 147360590 Announcer Will Make History At Monday Nights Football Game

Coach John Thompson III of the Georgetown Hoyas talks to ESPN reporter Beth Mowins in 2012 (credit: Tom Maguire/BIG EAST Conference/Collegiate Images/Getty Images)

“I am embracing that role, and I understand the significance of it,” Mowins said about becoming the NFL’s first female play-by-play announcer in almost four decades. “I have come to learn in the last several months just how important it is for a lot of women in this business, and for a lot of younger women that have a dream that they want to pursue. I look forward to being in that role if need be. But I’ve always approached it first and foremost as a play-by-play announcer. I’m excited to call a football game, and I’m excited to be a part of the NFL on CBS, so that’s been my preparation. Any sort of historic narrative involved, I’ll let other people worry about that and write that themselves.”

Comments (14)
  1. David Reed says:

    I’m sorry, I’m sure she’s a nice lady and has done well in college football; however, listening to a woman calling play by play for NFL football is tough on the ears.

    1. Greg Forseen says:

      Agreed! Not my cup of tea! Soft voice, tone not good! not sure I can make it to half time with the sound. I am sure she is nice with lots of knowledge but not for me. fail!

  2. I agree, she’s probably very qualified in terms of knowledge, but her voice is too soft, too high pitched and it’s really difficult to even understand what she’s saying.

  3. Cole Thorson says:

    Watching the game now… and I’m a LONG time football fan and follower. However, I took it upon myself to go out of my way to find out who this commentator was… I’m finding her voice and commentary abrasive & not at all up to par for MNF!!

  4. I hate it! Get her off! I don’t want to hear a woman call a football game!

  5. Ron Masters says:

    Wow I’m sure it is politically correct to have a female announcing her voice sounds fake and the presentation is like hearing fingernails slide down a chalkboard! Yeah for your place in history but now get someone else so I don’t have to watch with the sound on mute!! Or not at all!

  6. Men watch football to get away from women who won’t shut up. Thanks ESPN for ruining that for us.

  7. This is so sad that Monday Night Football has got so bad I wont go there so long
    The Voice was sharp and biting when you could understand it. This is so bad. I cant beleve you have taken Monday Night Football a thing most men looked forward to each week to hosting it by a woman that has no idea hat its like to line up in the NFL are you crazy I wont be back

  8. Worley Stick says:

    Worse commentary I have ever heard. I cannot believe that ESPN would take it upon themselves to make a change such as this all in the name of P.C. Terrible, will not watch any other game where she is in the booth! Football is a man’s sport, you will never change that

  9. David Olson says:

    Couldn’t stand listening to Beth. Knowledgeable but her voice was irritating. Wish I had turned to KOA radio for play by play but I had recorded the game. Thought about turning off the sound. Don’t every want to hear her call a football game again. And the sideline guy they showed once…where in the world did they get him?

  10. I’m a Colorado native that unfortunately now lives in Illinois (don’t start). I cut the cable/satellite cord 2 years ago, but I have the stuff. NHL and MLB are great since I get to watch games live, but of course with NFL I can’t watch until the next day. No problem…avoided finding out who won the Denver game until last night. Started watching the full game and thought the announcing was a joke; switched to the condensed version of the game hoping I could stomach it, but I still had to mute it after the second play. I’m sure the woman is qualified, but no way could I listen to that presentation. Absolutely horrible. To be fair, I’ve heard some bad male announcers, too, which I also mute, but her voice was so abrasive. Hopefully not too many MNF games for the Broncos this year.

  11. Terry Turner says:

    She made history all right, the worst announcing on MNF ever. Please quit.

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