DENVER (CBS4) – History was made Monday night at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Beth Mowins became the first woman to call a nationally-televised NFL game when the Broncos took the field against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Mowins began calling college games for ESPN in 2005, becoming only the second woman to call a nationally-televised college football game for the network.

Ahead of the game, Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe tweeted out his excitement.

Mowins is only the second woman, and the first in 37 years, to do play-by-play of an NFL regular-season game.

Following her debut, Mowins will continue calling games for NFL on CBS throughout the season, beginning with the Cleveland Browns and the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 24.

Beth Mowins (credit: Beth Mowins/Twitter)

“I’m really excited to welcome Beth Mowins to the CBS Sports family,” CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus said at the NFL on CBS Media Day. “I think it says a lot about what CBS is all about. Beth was hired not because she’s a woman. Beth was hired because she’s a terrific play-by-play personality and is really going to be a great addition to our team.”

Comments (7)
  1. Nita Vollmer says:

    From a female Bronco fan… Lose the chick & give me a male voice!

  2. Just horrible will never listen to her again, grated on my nerves!!

  3. Katie Smith says:

    Finally got rid of Phil Simms and now we have this awful voice to listen to. Sorry, it may be ‘history’, but I can’t stand her voice. Also, enough with her calling legs ‘sticks’

  4. Beth might have done a good job in collage but she sucked as a nfl commentator! She kept saying how the Broncos were bad at this or that LAST YEAR….who cares! This is a new season not last year!!!
    Sorry but she will never be on my tv again!!!!!

  5. Annette Gray says:

    omg, Very BAD!!! Get her out of there!!!!

  6. Her voice was grating and she did not say anything of interest the whole game. Rex Ryan was not much better. He seemed like he was asleep and woke up just in time to say something dumb. And Dipp….there is no understanding as to what that was all about.

  7. I hated it!
    It gave it my best for 15 minutes, then had to give up and change the channel