VIENNA (AP) — An Austrian company has revoked the domain name of an American neo-Nazi website that previously was rejected by internet hosts in the United States.

Monika Pink-Rank, a spokeswoman for Austrian domain registry, said The Daily Stormer’s domain was removed on Monday after Austrian politicians reported the white supremacist platform’s presence.

gettyimages 73581081 Austria Domain Registry Rejects US Neo Nazi Website

Halbe, GERMANY: Picture taken 03 March 2007 shows badges featuring a crossed-out swastika in Halbe, eastern Germany. Germany’s highest judicial court 15 March 2007 ruled in favour of a man who was accused of breaching a ban on Nazi symbols by selling T-shirts and stickers with a crossed-out swastika. (credit: MICHAEL LATZ/AFP/Getty Images)

The website has been looking for a home since its publisher mocked the counter-protester who was killed during the Confederate monument protests in Charlottesville, Virginia last month.

Publisher Andrew Anglin said four domain registration companies refused to service the site.

Pink-Rank says the Austrian domain was set up at the end of August, after the Charlottesville violence.

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