THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – The digging continues at the site of the big triceratops discovery in Thornton, and this week evidence of another dinosaur was found.

(credit: CBS)

Dr. Joe Sertich, paleontologist for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, announced on Friday at a public unveiling of part of the triceratops that his team found a Tyrannosaurus rex tooth on Thursday.

“It just keeps getting better. At this site, we found our first bit of T-Rex yesterday. We found a tooth,” Sertich said.

Dr. Joe Sertich (credit: CBS)

Sertich said it’s fairly common to find such teeth at locations where other dinosaurs are discovered.

“I don’t think there’s going to be a complete T. Rex at the site,” he said. “They come in and they chew on these old carcasses as they are laying out and pop out a few teeth.”

(credit: Carlos Villar)

A Tyrannosaurus rex tooth can be as much as 9 inches long. The animals could grow a new tooth in less than two years when it lost one, according to

It’s believed a T. rex would feed on many animals that were already dead, including triceratops.

“We have our first evidence (at this site) of some of those really neat interactions,” Sertich said.

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