ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Someone tied a red balloon to a sewer grate, likely as a prank.

The red balloons are in reference to the movie “It,” which opens in theaters Friday. “It” is based on a Stephen King horror novel of the same name.

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Such a prank went viral after the balloons were first spotted in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and police there said in a Facebook post that they were “completely terrified.”

Officers with the Lititz Borough Police Department said they “give points for creativity, however we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons from the grates and we respectfully request they do not do that again.”

The first red balloon spotted in the Denver metro area was in Englewood at the corner of West Jefferson Avenue and South Broadway Street.

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Heidi Moore, who spotted the balloon, posted sarcastically to Facebook, saying, “well that’s not creepy at all…”

(credit: Heidi Moore)

It’s likely a copycat of the balloons in Pennsylvania.

Investigators with the Englewood Police Department confirm they have received a couple of calls about the balloons.

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“We haven’t had any concerns about it,” Investigator Kevin Safe said. “Obviously, if officers see somebody doing it they’re going to stop them. But we’re not sending any officers out to it.”