DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Museum of Nature & Science on Friday held a public unveiling of the Thornton triceratops fossil.

(credit: CBS)

Construction crews uncovered the triceratops fossil in August while working on a new police station for the city.

(credit: City of Thornton)

Some of the fossils found have been available for viewing at the museum as staff clean up the bones.

Friday morning at the museum, fossil preparators sawed open the protective jacket that contained the first triceratops horn and other fossils found at the construction site, though, and CBS4 streamed it live on Facebook.

You can watch it here:

CBS4 also featured a live report on Facebook from the dig site later in the day with more more on the Tyrannosaur bone:

School kids received a behind-the-scenes look of the dig site earlier in the week, when the museum gave them a virtual tour as part of their “Scientists in Action” program.

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CBS4 is a proud partner of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science on the Thornton triceratops discovery. Watch CBS4 News for exclusive stories from reporter Stan Bush and photojournalist Mark Neitro at the dig site and in the museum’s lab.