By Deborah Flomberg

The end of summer is almost here and football season has finally begun. It’s time to grab your favorite orange and blue jersey as you set out to find a great hot spot to watch the game with some fellow Broncos fans (or your team of choice, of course.)

bars Best Football Bars In Denver

(credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

There are lots of popular sports bars all over the Denver area, so you’ll certainly not have any trouble finding lots of places with great drink specials, plentiful televisions and ample jumping or screaming room. If you’re new to town, or just looking for a hot new place to catch the game, here are a few local bars that would be a great place to check out on game day.

Society Sports and Spirits
1434 Blake St.
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 465-9830 

This popular local sports bar says it specializes in “the tailgate” meaning it’s all about bringing that tailgating environment to those that can’t make it to the game in person. With lots of private booths and rooms featuring several televisions, you can even get sound on nearly seven games at the same time, as long as you like things loud, that is. You’ll also find plenty of local draft beer to enjoy and lots of great Colorado whiskey, if that’s what you’d prefer. All that, plus Monday Night Football specials and Society Sports and Spirits is a great place to grab some friends to cheer on your favorite local team.

Wash Park Sports Alley
266B S. Downing
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 635-6691

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into the Wash Park Sports Alley Bar and Grill are televisions. A lot of televisions. 28 of them to be exact. So if you’re looking for a true sports fans bar, this should be your go-to spot. You can call ahead to reserve your favorite table for any game and there are always lots of great specials and reasons to keep you drinking and eating throughout the evening. You can even bring along some friends that may not be as into sports, since this great hot spot also features a great arcade with plenty of games to keep other folks busy while you keep watching the score.

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Highland Tap & Burger
2219 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
(720) 287-4493 

When the game gets good, Highland Tap and Burger gets hopping. Stop by this local favorite hot spot for the next game and you’ll see exactly what it means to cheer on the local team with tons of fellow fans. It may be crowded here, but the service never suffers and you’ll find plenty of huge televisions to catch the game, no matter what direction you’re facing. Plus the menu here is definitely a step above traditional bar fare, with items like a Rocky Mountain Lamb burger or a whole butter grilled artichoke. There are also lots of great happy hour specials and plenty of draft beers to keep your thirst quenched so you can yell and scream at the game along with everyone else.

Spot Bar and Grill
98 S. Pennsylvania St. 
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 733-1299 

If you live in the neighborhood where Spot Bar and Grill is located, then you probably already know about this quiet little gem. It’s a popular local bar to catch the game, enjoy some yummy burgers and just hang out with friends. Of course, it also helps that there are plenty of great specials, including three dollar domestic drafts all day, every day. And for Monday Night Football fans, be sure to swing by to enjoy Burger Mondays, where you can grab a truly tasty cheeseburger with homemade fries for just six bucks. You can’t beat the price, the atmosphere or the company at The Spot Bar and Grill. 

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The Denver Sports Column
1930 Blake St.
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 296-1930 

Of course, no list of local sports bars would be complete without mentioning the Sports Column, which has won numerous sports bar awards over the years. You’ll find this place hopping whenever there is a game on, and since it’s located right in the heart of LoDo, you’ll love hanging out with all your fellow energetic sports fans. All major sports games are shown here, and specials include lots of great items, including five buck pizza or cocktails for Monday Night Football. There’s also a great outdoor rooftop patio and plenty of HD televisions located all over the property, so you’ll find it pretty hard to ever want to leave.  


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