STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A pair of bull moose wandered into a Steamboat Springs cul-de-sac Sunday morning.

The more mature male sported antlers freshly shedding their velvet.

(credit: Shannon Lukens)

This shedding typically occurs just prior to the fall mating season and leaves new, shiny set for display and — if called upon — ready for battle.

A Colorado Parks & Wildlife web page dedicated to the animal says the mating season begins in mid-September and runs through October.

The cows then calve the following May and June.


After the mating season, the bulls shed their antlers. They immediately begin growing a new velvet-covered pair, increasing in size as the male ages. A fully mature bull’s rack may reach five feet across.

(credit: Shannon Lukens)

Colorado’s moose population blossomed following reintroduction efforts 40 years ago. A dozen moose were transplanted here three separate times from Utah and Wyoming, then 100 were shipped in during the early 1990’s.

They number more than 1,000 today.


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