HOUSTON (CBS4) – Workers at the El Bolillo Bakery baked around the clock after they became trapped by Hurricane Harvey floodwaters.

Ahead of the storm, lines stretched outside at news of the hurricane’s impending arrival.

“We shut down the stores, sold out of bread at all of our stores and made sure employees could get home safely at a good time,” Kirk Michaelis, owner of El Bolillo Bakery, told CBS News.

Saturday night, a handful of employees remained preparing to re-open on Sunday.

But they weren’t prepared for how fast the flooding would come.

“It started raining really bad. The rain increased, dropping like 10 inches in three hours and it flooded the area where they were,” Michaelis said. “There was no exit for them. They couldn’t get out. So, they made bread.”

el bolillo bakery Workers Trapped Inside Houston Bakery Bake For Harvey Victims

(credit: El Bolillo Bakery)

Four bakers were trapped for two days.

So what did they do? Bake, of course! For 20 hours straight, going through 4,000 pounds of flour and filling cases with hundreds of loaves of bread.

Knowing the city was in need, Michaelis loaded up his Jeep and got out at the first opportunity, delivering everything free of charge to first responders, police officers, nursing homes, and local shelters.

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“We’re not anything compared to some of the people out there working and doing amazing things,” Michaelis said. “We’re just doing our little part.”

hope 4 houston fs Workers Trapped Inside Houston Bakery Bake For Harvey Victims


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