SINTON, Texas (CBS4) – A resourceful dog disappeared from his backyard Friday night, returning Saturday morning with his own bag of food.

“Otis is like the town dog,” Tiele Dockens told CBS News. “I’ve seen him at high school football games, he goes to the local Dairy Queen for cones, he even sits outside the courthouse. He’s kind of everywhere.”

On Saturday, while she was driving around town to look at damage from Hurricane Harvey, Dockens spotted Otis walking down the street with a bag of food in his mouth.

Her husband stopped the car so she could take a photo, which has been shared nearly 40,000 times since she posted it to Facebook.

“The owner said he had gotten out. He was calling for him and then saw him heading back with dog food he got from a lumber store from across the street,” Dockens said. “Sometimes the [store] owner sets out dog food he can’t sell behind the store.”

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Dockens followed the dog to make sure he got home safe, and watched as he walked back up to the door and delivered the giant bag of food.

His owner, Salvador Segovia, couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve never seen him do anything like that before,” he told Dockens. “He’s a really smart dog. Smart, but really curious.”


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