BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – A patrol officer from Westminster is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Broomfield while he was on duty.

Police chiefs from both Westminster and Broomfield announced the arrest of Officer Curtis Arganbright in a joint news conference on Monday evening.

curtis arganbright Officers Arrest In Sex Assault Case Leaves Chief Numb

Curtis Arganbright (credit: Broomfield Police)

Arganbright, 40, tentatively faces felony sex assault and false imprisonment charges in the case and is currently being held in the Broomfield Detention Center. He has been an officer in Westminster for nearly four years.

Police said the crime took place early Thursday morning near the intersection of West 144th Avenue and Zuni Street.

An adult female was described as the victim in the case, but so far police aren’t revealing how the alleged crime came to occur.

chief Officers Arrest In Sex Assault Case Leaves Chief Numb

Westminster Police Chief Tim Carlson, at the mic, and Broomfield Police Chief Gary Creager (credit: CBS)

A visibly upset¬†Westminster Police Chief Tim Carlson said the case has had a “devastating impact” on his department.

“The alleged conduct described in this arrest sickens my soul,”¬†Carlson said. “That it describes the conduct of an on-duty officer in my department has left me numb.”

“The impact on the victim in this case is something I can’t begin to imagine.”

Carlson said his department will review¬†Arganbright’s contacts with citizens during his time as an officer to determine if any other questionable interactions occurred.

Arganbright is being held on a $20,000 bond. He was placed on administrative leave last week and on Monday his status was changed to suspended without pay after being arrested. He formerly worked for the Federal Heights Police Department.

“In this case the Westminster Police Department has cooperated 100 percent with the Broomfield Police Department in their investigation from the outset,” said Carlson.

“We will continue with our cooperation with the Broomfield Police Department to see the successful conclusion of this investigation as it moves forward.”


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