DENVER (CBS4) – If you love being outside, then Xcel Energy’s Day of Service has several projects that are perfect for you. Denver Parks & Recreation needs 135 volunteers to do maintenance work at Swansea Park.

LINK: Register for the Denver Parks & Rec. Project

“It’s a great project and one that’s just really about going out to make the parks a lot safer and cleaner for the communities, so it’s a lot of hard labor work,” said Daniel Brown, program director for Xcel Energy.

dos1 2016 Day Of Service Offers Projects For Outdoor Lovers

(credit Daniel Brown)

Brown worked on the Denver Parks & Rec project last year. The parks project consists of mulching, clearing debris, and painting park facilities. Brown said that it’s a lot of hard work but he enjoyed the comradery

“I think it’s just a really, really good thing as an employee of Xcel Energy. I just feel really good that we really care about the community, that we really serve. And then, it’s just a really good thing that we’re able to bring our families out there, we bring our friends and neighbors, and we’re there working side-by-side with our other co-workers. It’s just enjoyable. It’s very, very fulfilling with the work we’re doing,” Brown told CBS4.

dos7 2016 Day Of Service Offers Projects For Outdoor Lovers

(credit Daniel Brown)

Brown brought his high school mentoring program to last year’s project. Kappa League is an organization that actually mentors African-American males in the community. He said the teens got a real sense of accomplishment at the end of the project.

“I think they really learned a lot about what it takes to really keep a park up in a clean way. And they had to put effort into it, and they could see the accomplishment at the end,” Brown explained.

dos6 2016 Day Of Service Offers Projects For Outdoor Lovers

(credit Daniel Brown)

In addition to the Denver Parks & Rec project, there are several outdoor projects across the state:

–Wildlands Restoration in Boulder

–Sand Creek Regional Greenway in Commerce City

–Bluff Lake Nature Center in Denver

–The Urban Farm in Denver

–Riverside Educational Center in Grand Junction

–Cal-Wood Education Center in Jamestown

–Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield in Littleton

–FiSSH in Fort Collins

All of these organizations could use some help on Xcel Energy’s Day of Service, which is Saturday, September 9th from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.


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