MESA COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)– The Western Colorado Drug Task Force seized 25 pounds of meth during a traffic stop on Interstate 70. The driver was just 13 years old.

A deputy with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office and drug task force stopped the Dodge Avenger in Fruita as it was traveling on I-70. Three people, all from Los Angeles, were in the car, including the driver, identified as a 13-year-old.

The two passengers have been identified as German Michel-Arreola, 22, and Irene Michel-Arreola, 19.

(credit: Mesa County)

Deputies searched the vehicle and found 23 packages containing a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine.

All three are facing drug charges including distribution/manufacturing/possession with intent of meth, heroin, ketamine, cathinone.

German Michel-Arreola (credit: Mesa County)

The 13-year-old driver is facing additional charges of failing to drive in a designated lane, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

German Michel-Arreola, and Irene Michel-Arreola are being held in the Mesa County Detention Facility. The juvenile is being held at the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center in Grand Junction.

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  1. Richard Frey says:

    Denver…..used to be a nice clean Town with good environment to raise kids, until…….Liberals from Boulder and Golden migrated down and brought their Bad Habits with them……..

  2. Jim Cyr says:

    Are they illegals?? If they are, we will never, ever be told that. Have to be “INCLUSIVE”.

  3. put the product into evidence locker, put the suspects on the street……these things have a way of sorting themselves out…..I’m guessing the owner of the product might just have a severe job critique

  4. The driver is getting an early start in the family business. What can the courts do to a 13-year-old anyway? The other two will claim they were just passengers and had no idea drugs were being trafficked.

  5. “failing to drive in a designated lane” We’re gonna throw the book at you, kid!

  6. John Smith says:

    Nice…Shows the Intelligence level of these idiots. I have to ask, If 11 million ILLEGALS are good for the US economy were they not good for the economy from whence they came?

  7. Jack Inmanz says:

    That’s why they call it dope.

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