By Melissa Garcia

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are investigating the shooting of an 18 year-old woman in Englewood.

Witnesses reported hearing at least eight gunshots in rapid succession around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

shooting2 Neighbors Unsettled After 18 Year Old Woman Gets Shot

(credit: CBS)

The shots rang out on Ogden Street near Dartmouth Avenue.

Police said the victim was rushed to the hospital. The victim’s family members said that she was shot in the knee and underwent surgery Sunday at Swedish Medical Center.

Police provided an update, saying that the victim was in stable condition.

“It’s terrible. It’s sad,” said Bonnie Thomas, who lives a couple blocks away from where the shooting occurred.

Officers investigated at the home where they say a large house party led to up to the shooting.

Police taped off a block and a half stretch of Ogden Street to process the crime.

“I just went to the market and came by here and said, ‘Ih my gosh, it’s like right here.’ So, it’s unsettling,” Thomas told CBS4’s Melissa Garcia.

Thomas said that she never would have expected bullets to fly so close to home.

“In fact, that’s one of the things we looked into when we moved here a year ago, was how safe the neighborhood is, and it looked safe. And it has been safe. It’s a great neighborhood,” Thomas said.

“I’m shocked this happened,” said Edward Vandenberg, who was disturbed to learn of the violence on his street.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood and a quiet area to begin with. So, it’s unexpected and I just want to find out what happened,” Vandenberg said.

Police were not able to provide a suspect description.

It was unknown how many people were involved, and what may have triggered the gunfire.

Police said that they were actively investigating.

No arrest had been made.


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