By Dillon Thomas

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – With the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 only days away, hundreds of thousands continued to pour into Wyoming, the nearest state to Colorado in the line of totality.

eclipse pot travel frame 4627 Eclipse Travelers Warned About Bringing Pot To Wyoming

(credit: CBS)

Wyoming state officials expected to nearly double the state’s population by Monday afternoon, with 500,000 visitors anticipated.

With Colorado labeled as the state with the most people planning to visit Wyoming, law enforcement has issued a warning about bringing drugs over state lines for the eclipse.

eclipse pot travel frame 3967 Eclipse Travelers Warned About Bringing Pot To Wyoming

(credit: CBS)

“There will be worries of drugs, both transporting over the border, and driving under the influence,” said Major Tim Keeton, spokesperson for Colorado State Patrol.

Wyoming Highway Patrol said they would be increasing their patrol of the state, especially along I-25, the main entryway to the state from Colorado.

eclipse pot travel frame 3077 Eclipse Travelers Warned About Bringing Pot To Wyoming

(credit: CBS)

“Marijuana is illegal in Wyoming,” said Sgt. Kyle McKay, spokesman for the Wyoming Highway Patrol. “We have (troppers) staggered all across the solar path of totality, and up and down I-25.”

Law enforcement was expected to strictly enforce impaired driving laws, with an overwhelming amount of cars expected on the roadway.

eclipse pot travel frame 3877 Eclipse Travelers Warned About Bringing Pot To Wyoming

(credit: CBS)

“The Wyoming highway patrol will take strict enforcement on anybody that brings marijuana,” McKay said.

McKay told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas there was a misconception, that recreational marijuana was the only THC illegal in the state.

“If you do have a medical marijuana card, it is not valid in Wyoming,” McKay said. “You will be cited for having possession of marijuana.”

Edibles could also cause citation, or arrest, in the state of Wyoming.

“Anything over three ounces in Wyoming is a felony amount,” McKay said.

The “Marijuana Industry Group” also issued a statement, referring to the eclipse. The organizations encouraged all marijuana users to “Leave It Home,” a campaign which they hope will help keep the roads safe, while respecting state laws outside of Colorado.

eclipse pot travel frame 3557 Eclipse Travelers Warned About Bringing Pot To Wyoming

(credit: CBS)

Colorado State Patrol, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol, said their biggest concern was keeping the roadways safe. With an overwhelming amount of people on the roads for the eclipse, both agencies said they would hope others would respect fellow drivers, by enjoying the event in a sober manner.

“That’s drugs and alcohol,” Keeton said. “There’s no reason to become impaired, and then try to drive back home.”

Wyoming Highway Patrol told CBS4 they would also be monitoring vehicles leaving the state, that may be trafficking drugs back in, upon their arrival.

Dillon Thomas is a reporter at CBS4 and a Colorado native. He believes everyone has a story, and would love to share yours! You can find more of his stories by following him on Twitter, @DillonMThomas.


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