NEW YORK (AP) — Taylor Swift is returning the love to a Denver company that created colorful signs out of Post-its of her song lyrics like “Fearless” and “Begin Again” in its windows during her trial.

The singer sent the team at Craftsy, an online site for crafts, an assortment of flowers Tuesday with a note thanking the company for “brightening my day for every day I was in Denver.”

A sign displaying a Taylor Swift lyric across the street from court following the verdict in the civil case of Taylor Swift vs David Mueller at the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse on August 14, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. The jury ruled in favor of Taylor Swift with David Mueller required to pay one dollar (USD) in damages, her mother Andrea Swift, who was found not liable for tortious interference and radio Promotions Director Frank Bell, who was accused of interfering with Mueller’s contract and pressuring KYGO radio to fire him. (credit: Theo Stroomer/Getty Images)

A spokesman at Craftsy said they are “absolutely thrilled.”

Craftsy posted a photo of its employees posing with the flowers on its official Twitter account.

(credit: Jeff Kandyba)

Jurors in U.S. District Court in Denver deliberated fewer than four hours to find that ex-radio host David Mueller assaulted and battered Swift during a pre-concert meet-and-greet in June 2013. Per Swift’s request, jurors awarded her $1 in damages.

By ALICIA RANCILIO, Associated Press

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