Emmanuel Sanders didn’t finish practice after falling on his shoulder, Vance Joseph said he doesn’t think it’s serious though.

More from Vance:

On today’s practice:
“Very good work. Very organized and both sides were detailed. We had one little skirmish. Other than that, it was very good work on both sides of the ball.”

On if the offense is struggling:
“Struggles? I didn’t see struggles. I saw a football practice and there’s ups and downs in football practices. I didn’t see struggles. Speaking of last Thursday, outside of third downs and penalties, it was a pretty good performance. So, I didn’t see that.”

On expectations for the team:
“Obviously, we’re in camp. We have a bunch of injuries right now. I’m not sure how good we’re going to be. Teams change each year. Every team changes each year. I’m not sure. That’s why you play the games. Ask me around Week 7 or 8, I’ll have a good answer for you. But, right now, I have no answer for you.”

In the QB competition, Paxton Lynch took slightly more reps with the starters today, and both guys continued to be up and down.

Paxton Lynch:

On his performance today
“I thought it went pretty well. I think we came out here with the right mindset, had the intensity going and moved the ball against them. We’ll go watch the film later and see what we need to work on but we’ll have another day to go up against them and then get ready for Saturday.”

On whether he is feeling any extra pressure:
“I’m not adding any extra pressure to it. For me, it’s just another week of getting better, focusing on yourself, making yourself a better player day in and day out and making those guys around you play better.”

Trevor Siemian:
On his performance today:
“Pretty good. Not as clean as I wanted to be to be honest with you. But that’s alright. It’s a new look, we didn’t game plan. We just kind of want to stick to your rules. We did some good things, but there are things that we could clean up for sure.”

On the quarterback competition during camp
“I can’t speak for [QB] Paxton [Lynch], but as a room and as a team, every day is a make or break day for us. Every week is a make or break week for us. I think we’ve had a really competitive camp, and we’ve taken on intensity every day. Now, we’re just trying to build on that and see where we end up.”

The Broncos are back in Santa Clara, California, for the first time since winning Super Bowl 50, this time for two joint practices with the 49ers before a pre-season game on Saturday.

118 CBS4 Broncos Notebook: 8/16

21 CBS4 Broncos Notebook: 8/163 CBS4 Broncos Notebook: 8/164 CBS4 Broncos Notebook: 8/165 CBS4 Broncos Notebook: 8/16 (credit: CBS)

Big week for the quarterback competition to see how they do against another defense.
Paxton Lynch was with the starters first and will start Saturday.

Cody Latimer and DeMarcus Walker are not practicing. T.J. Ward and Jared Crick did not travel. Derek Wolfe is not at practice, not sure if he traveled or not though.

It is a crowded practice field, as both rosters have 90 players. For team drills, Broncos offense and 49ers defense on one field, Broncos defense and 49ers offense on the other field.

This is the 3rd straight year the teams have held joint practices together, but first in Santa Clara. Both teams have new head coaches in Vance Joseph and Kyle Shanahan (who interviewed for the Broncos job as well).

One small scuffle already between the Broncos 3rd string offense and 49ers defense.


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