CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – A group of dogs rescued from New Mexico are now in Colorado where they will eventually be put up for adoption.

(credit: CBS)

A total of 100 dogs are being flown in to the Centennial Airport on Thursday.

“Dog Is My Copilot” — the animal rescue organization responsible for bringing the dogs to Colorado — aims to provide dogs with a second chance at a happy, healthy life. They fly animals from overcrowded kill shelters in the southwest to other states.

(credit: CBS)

Some of the dogs were already set up with new owners before they even arrived.

“It was just a mix of emotions right now,” said Karly Colman, who adopted one of the dogs. “I can’t believe I have him in my hands right now. He was almost euthanized within hours of me rescuing him, so it’s just really cool to have him and have a good home.”

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Get more information about Dog Is My Copilot at dogcopilot.org/.

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    A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to all the news outlets who came and shed light on this flight & what we are doing and brought more attention and awareness to this never ending problem!

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