DENVER (CBS4)– Dozens of people filled the room where the Denver City Council met on Wednesday to consider taking a stance on protecting immigrants from federal agents. The safety committee passed the ordinance by a vote of 6-1.

This comes on the same day as Pres. Donald Trump endorsed the RAISE Act, an immigration bill aimed at reducing legal immigration overall, and give priority to English-speaking applicants.

(credit: CBS)

RAISE stands for Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment. It’s a merit-based system that would reward immigrants who are educated and have job skills.

The debate focuses on whether a proposed ordinance, that offers protection for illegal immigrants, is within the scope of Denver’s legal authority.

Denver City Council members Robin Kniech and Paul Lopez (credit: CBS)

Denver City Council members Robin Kniech and Paul Lopez are spearheading the bill. More than 100 people were in attendance to urge council members to approve the ordinance.

Among those in attendance at the meeting was Victor Galvan who told CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger he is in the country without proper paperwork.

“Are you worried about being arrested here today?” asked Sallinger.

“Definitely not worried about being arrested here today. I have a lot of community around me and I don’t think they would allow it,” replied Galvan.

He was one of those anxious to urge the city council safety committee to give its okay to an ordinance that would safeguard those immigrants going to court from being put in jail if they that don’t have proper documentation.

The proposal doesn’t list Denver as a sanctuary city and it doesn’t give hardened criminals a free pass.

(credit: CBS)

The proposal does take a tougher position on information sharing with the federal government. It would not require local authorities to share immigration status or hold inmates with an immigration detainer past their release date.

An immigration attorney, who backed the proposal, reiterated that it complies fully with the law. She said that first, it is the council’s job to protect residents and their tax dollars, which it does.

Immigration attorney Joy Athanasiou(credit: CBS)

“Your duty, number two, is to comply with the U.S. Constitution at all times. This ordinance does that. Your job, number three, is also to comply with and not be inconsistent with the federal law or state law. This ordinance does that as well. This ordinance simply says that we are not going to violate the constitution simply because the federal government is asking us to,” said immigration attorney Joy Athanasiou.

(credit: CBS)

This debate comes as Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is preparing to sign a new policy that pushes for similar policies and creates a legal defense fund for immigrants.

“We want people to trust the judicial system and we need them to show up,” said Hancock.

The safety committee passed the ordinance by a vote of 6-1. Now it goes to the full council for the first reading.

The only descending vote came from Councilman Kevin Flynn, “I think it’s providing a false sense of security that this activity will be reduced.”

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  1. Steve Lieb says:

    Love the autoplay video.

    That’s not terrifically annoying AT ALL.

    1. Paul Everitt says:

      Google ‘turn off autoplay’, look for your browser, follow instructions and no more autoplay.

      1. I found an article on PCWorld – how to turn off autoplay videos. The page includes an autoplay video.

  2. Jerry Walton says:

    Please show me in the Constitution where it states that it’s ok to allow people to break the law. I think I missed that part.

    1. wait right there mister….you are soooooo not allowed to bring logic into an emotional issue… thing you are going to say is that breaking the law doesn’t make them criminals…..sheesh!

    2. The constitution? THE CONSTITUTION!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS SIR? Please, will somebody please think of the children!!!

    3. Bob Wahler says:

      But having laws is so unfair to the criminals among us.

      1. That’s right! These people wouldn’t be criminals if it weren’t for a bunch of laws written and passed by a bunch of old, white, racist, xenophobes.

      2. Bob Wahler says:

        Rich white guys who have proven MUCH wiser and more competent than ANYONE presuming to “correct” them. :)

    4. Should this city council pass this ordinance, they should be immediately arrested by federal marshals and prosecuted to the fullest extent!

    5. Well said. I hope Trump starts having these traitors put in jail and the illegals attending these meetings hauled off to wherever it is they came from. MAGA!

    6. Fran Helmer says:

      thought Obama rewrote the constitution or got rid of it??? LOL, and if you commit a crime against an immigrant you will be arrested and put in jail and serve time, but it’s ok for them to do a crime against you, they will just turn their heads

  3. Patio Smith says:

    Wasting time on an ordinance that which is not going to stand. Way to do the people’s business…fools.

    1. Agree, liberals are notorious for doing things purely for the sake of acting like they are acting and not just sitting around. Who cares if they waste money, they have to show they care. Maybe George Wallace (another fine Democrat) should have used this logic when he was in Selma.

  4. Ron Partain says:

    unbelievable… a law protecting people who break the law.

  5. Michael Cobb says:

    I avoid denver at all costs. 3rd class city.

  6. Ben Franklin says:

    Hopefully, Jeff Sessions will start charging and incarcerating these folks (City Council Members) for obstruction of justice.

  7. Jim Thomas says:

    Look up and study the Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution), then shut up and stop wasting everybody’s time.

  8. Sessions needs to serve arrest warrants to the City Council members. Cuff these folks and remand them to trial if the law is passed. They are law breakers and no lawyer will be able to defend them.

  9. Brian Lopez says:

    its starting to look like illegals have more rights and protections than everyday citizens. really strange.

  10. Ever been to Denver? Another democratic wasteland of bums, druggies and garbage.

  11. Minnie Pearl says:

    They should explain why they want to release illegals, who commit crimes, back into the community.

  12. Palin Smith says:

    Codifying a Civil War. Democrats want to keep their slaves again.

  13. Uh, I guess you don’t know that federal law trumps any local law and has been upheld by the Supreme Court numorous times? Maybe I can have my town opt out of Obamacare then? Californian’s, you all moved to Denver to escape the high taxes and crazy policies of California, and now you want to do the same to Denver. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result equals…

  14. Terry Wood says:

    “Definitely not worried about being arrested here today. I have a lot of community around me and I don’t think they would allow it,” replied Galvan.

    A perfect example of what is wrong with liberals in America. Since when is it “OK” for an illegal immigrant to participate in a forum like this and get away scot free because he has “…a lot of community around me and I don’t think they would allow it,” . The Feds should have been at that meeting and immediately arrested him and held him for deportation. The policy of liberal administrations and Barack Obama in particular have fostered this mind set and it’s anti-American and thumbing their nose at the laws of the United States.

  15. Remember when all the Dems said President Obama had total Constitutional control of immigration?

  16. Jim Thomas says:

    ‘“Definitely not worried about being arrested here today. I have a lot of community around me and I don’t think they would allow it,” replied Galvan.’ Let’s find out, Victor, shall we? Your “community” vs. federal agents with an arrest warrant. Via con Dios.

  17. Doug Day says:

    ” in other news, Trump asks his Justice Dept which Federal sanctions would immediately apply against government entities in open rebellion against the Federal Gov’t…

  18. The federal government sets immigration law, not states and not cities. Any city law on immigration is invalid and illegal.

  19. In that case my city will pass a law making it a sanctuary from Obamacare.

  20. If a state breaks the law, they should be punished. No government subsidies, no federal assistance, nothing. Then see how long they keep harboring those breaking the laws of this nation.

  21. If AMERICA iS LAND OF laws. THEN its time to ENFORCE THE LAW…………………….

  22. Why are liberal democrats idiots?

  23. John Mirande says:

    Haha..Let’s pick another law that we can dismiss……..hmmmm

    How about let’s not enforce ANY traffic laws because it offends me?

  24. The city of Denver and the front range have been invaded with idiots from both coasts and now totally suck. They are turning our area into a hell hole like southern California and the north east.

  25. Just make up whatever laws you want. After all, there is nothing special about our country, otherwise everyone would want to be here.

  26. Traitors are supposed to hang

  27. Lee Ellak says:

    Please President Trump, please cut off the federal funds going to Denver! We only want the “best and the brightest” from around the globe, not moochers who refuse to learn English or thumb their noses up to our laws!

  28. “Definitely not worried about being arrested here today. I have a lot of community around me and I don’t think they would allow it,” replied Galvan.”

    Wow these illegals really respect American law!

  29. Ethel Weiss says:

    Arrest all those involved and put them in a Federal prison.

  30. The entire basis of a federal republic is that there are separate levels of concern. The federal level of law is overarching. States come next, and a general concept of federal law is that no level below it may countermand the laws the feds pass. So any state, county, township, or city that tries to claim it is immune to federal law is breaking federal law in general, and probably in the specific of whatever laws they want to countermand.

  31. No Denver you can’t go against fed immigration law…oh sure you can ask your police not to enforce the immigration laws, but you can’t stop it…I.C.E can come into your city and take out any illegals that should not be here like this Mr Galvan, in fact if I were I.C.E I’d go out of my way now to hunt this illegal MOFO down, and deport him to where ever…just to make a point…..and shove it back in the faces of the denver politicians….

  32. Stan Olson says:

    I love the “slant”; protecting “immigrants” instead of protecting “illegal immigrants”. “Legal” immigrants have no reason to “fear” ICE!

  33. Carl Ball says:

    like the laws ignored for so many decades! you will also be breaking them and it’s off to court we go! hefty taxpayer funded fines! when the taxpayers find out the what pol’s!

  34. Another Rocky Mountain High.

  35. Wm Layer says:

    The maxim of the law, which every first year law student learns, is that law breakers cannot profit from breaking the law. This city council ignores that. Would they pass an ordnance allowing thieves to keep their loot? By giving comfort to these invaders, and that is what they are, the council has acted illegally and ought to be arrested.

  36. Apparently the butthurt snowflakes of Denver now support Alabama’s governor Wallace refusing to uphold the federal school desegregation law.
    How’d that work out?
    Liberal insanity is a truly idiotic paradigm.

  37. Jack Riley says:

    Illegals….called that for a reason. When I am in Denver, which laws can I ignore at will?

  38. rustyarmor says:

    There has to be a word for such colossal chutzpah on the part of a city council. Stooopid to the nth degree seems a little trite …

  39. So again, Liberal MORONS want LAWS to protect law breakers? Hmmm Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  40. blenderrecipes says:

    This is what will be the result since it already happens in Cali.

    Because the local LEO’s won’t notify I.C.E. of illegal aliens in their custody, thus preventing them from picking up the single illegal alien, I.C.E. will instead look for that illegal alien at their home, work, school, etc.. When they find said illegal alien, they will also pick up other illegal aliens they encounter.

    Then you will see liberal media sob stories of how the evil I.C.E. agents arrested the poor illegal alien while they were dropping their kid off at school, or how the evil I.C.E. agents showed up at the work place of a poor illegal alien and arrested other poor illegal aliens who they weren’t even looking for.

    Grab some tissues and bundle up, there’s gonna be lots and lots of I.C.E..

  41. Joseph Meyer says:

    We need to protect people like Hickenlooper employee Raúl Gómez-Garcia, the illegal alien who shot and killed Denver Police Detective Donnie Young.

  42. Chuck Sowers says:

    Denver, and other sanctuary cities: STOP VIOLATING FEDERAL LAW!!! OR STOP RECEIVING FEDERAL FUNDING!!! Thank you, carry on!!!

  43. Jeff Sawyer says:

    Yet another reason I’m glad I left the Denver/Boulder area! Colorado is an awesome place but the influx of libs and dems due to the legal marijuana has changed the political climate. I can’t believe we voted for the state minimum wage that’s going to have a negative impact on our economy. On the bright side, there are some areas of Colorado that are more conservative and hopefully won’t go sanctuary.

  44. “Sanctuary Mall”

    Attention all amigos
    It’s Cancellation Day
    Yes the Big Adios
    Is just a few months away

    It’s last call
    To do your shopping
    At Sanctuary Mall

    You’ll need the tools for survival
    And Tequila for the blues
    Gonna be arrests and surprises
    For your city council too

    It’s last call
    To do your shopping
    At Sanctuary Mall

    We’ve got a Felony Sunset Special
    On all of the standard stuff
    ‘Cause on that morning -that gospel morning
    You’ll have to do for yourself when the going gets tough

    Roll your cart back up the sidewalk
    Kiss the welfare clerks goodbye
    Hit the ramp to the freeway
    Beneath the blood orange sky

    It’s last call
    To do your shopping
    At Sanctuary Mall

  45. “The U.S. Congress has control over all immigration-related regulations, while the White House is in charge of enforcing immigration laws.”

    “The federal government’s jurisdiction over immigration law has consistently been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court, which has overruled attempts by state legislatures to single out immigrants. Additionally, the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution is generally interpreted to mean that federal laws trump state laws, except for certain matters constitutionally left to the states.”

  46. John Green says:

    why does the cynical side of me want to see about 100 federal agents bust through the door and carry people out in cuffs……..just saying….

  47. Jeff Bolty says:

    San Diego was just voting on something similar. I can not understand how anyone can defend releasing known criminals back into the population. As far as I’m concerned any immigrant, legal or otherwise, should be held to a higher standard. There is no reason to allow any level of lawbreaking or out they go. We have plenty of home grown criminals without importing more.

  48. Stu Pedasso says:

    Harboring an illegal alien is a felony, right?

  49. So what about the illegals who commit a crime and should be detained/held for ICE? That’s the real problem. Also, these illegals are not paying Federal Income tax so they are essentially draining Fed/Tax-payers funds that prevent them from improving on roads, infrastructure, and other Federally funded programs. We’re a sovereign nation of laws. Without either, we are not a country and will end up like the cess pool Europe is turning into.

  50. Hey snowflakes, federal law TRUMPS state and local laws…you’re wasting the people’s time…your law won’t be worth the paper it’s written on..

  51. Alan Whitney says:

    “Immigrants” need no protection.

    These lawless officials obviously aim to protect ILLEGAL immigrants.

    They need to go to jail. Period.

  52. Tim Cohen says:

    Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses
    Harboring — Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who — knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.

  53. The Denver city council is lecturing me that the law doesn’t matter?

    Then what do I need those people for?

  54. Jeffrey Day says:

    Is Denver really hoping the feds see their way on cannabis and poke them with a stick in the eye at the same time over illegal immigrants?

    Be careful Denver…you’re playing with fire.

  55. Brad Milton says:

    Get it right CBS. City council considers stance on protecting ILLEGAL immigrants from federal agents. AKA aiding and abetting criminal activity and giving safe harbor to criminals!

  56. How about if I ignored the feds and paid people 5 dollars an hour. How would libs like that? Libs suck

  57. Robert Cat says:

    Why bother passing some ordinance? It would be invalid anyway since immigration is a federal matter. In addition, aiding and abetting illegals is a crime. The city council and mayors of these sanctuary cities should be jailed.

  58. Stehr Va says:

    These states can do what ever their stupid liberals want but they have to own it-meaning none of MY tax dollars go to help them let the people within the state stupid enough to vote these jokers into office pay the bill and if any of their illegals they are protecting leave the state and commit a crime then the state and its citizens must be held accountable and liable for any and all costs and victims have the right to sue the state and its citizens.

  59. To hell with this ruse that illegals are afraid to call the police about criminal activities. The fact that they are here is a criminal act. We had a civil war about such matters. It may be time to choose up sides soon.

  60. Jas Aub says:

    City Council Considers Stance On Protecting *ILLEGAL Immigrants From Federal Agents

  61. Jeffrey Gee says:

    They are not immigrants they are illegal aliens/criminals who broke the law crossing the border or overstaying their visa illegally. Arrest them and put them in work camps till they can pay for their own deportation picking up garbage on the side of the road, like they are!

  62. John Fembup says:

    The Constitution gives the federal government – and only the federal government – control of immigration and borders.

    The Obama administration sued Arizona – and won – on this very issue.

    Colorado can pass all the ordinances it wants. None can be Constitutional.

  63. If I’m ever arrested, I want no special treatment from the police or the state. I just ask that they treat me in the same manner they would treat an illegal immigrant.

  64. Let all illegals move there. Then they will go broke under all the welfare.

  65. Well I wonder where a whole lot of illegals are going to go. The city council will have blood on their hands

  66. Bob Allen says:

    Apparently, everyone in the room was either stoned, stupid, or likely a combination of the two if they believe their “ordinance” would somehow trump federal law (no pun intended).
    Yet further confirmation that liberalism is, in fact, a mental illness.

  67. Brian Dillon says:

    Illegal. STOP purposefully leaving out “ILLEGAL” when you publish these stories about illegal immigrants!!! Otherwise you are relegating yourselves to mere propagandists.

  68. Pat Kinnick says:

    Those who assist illegal aliens are breaking the law and should be arrested

  69. 1907. Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses
    Harboring — Subsection 1324(a)(1)(A)(iii) makes it an offense for any person who — knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection, such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation.Domestic transportation, harboring, encouraging/inducing, or aiding/abetting, the basic statutory maximum term of imprisonment is 5 years, unless the offense was committed for commercial advantage or private financial gain, in which case the maximum term of imprisonment is 10 years.

    Lock them up….as for the Attorney, the State Bar needs to pull their license

  70. Charlie Doe says:

    PLEASE do this Denver.
    You will make a great test case for withholding Federal funds from Sanctuary Cities.

  71. Paul Rodgers says:

    Sound to me like it is time to charge everyone who voted for this with aiding and abetting a crime……Let’s see if they are willing to do the jail time….

  72. Yeah… somehow I don’t think this is going to work. Specifically the Supremacy Clause comes to mind. Immigration is the domain the federal government. Not the state governments. When you, the states, failed to help the feds reign in the illegals you effectively took away your rights to protest how they did it.

  73. Cam Kirmser says:

    I would remind Denver of the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution.

    So much for giving criminals aid.

  74. freedomxlaw says:

    The Left is maniacal. Denver lawmakers should be deported to Mexico and Latin America where they apparently would be much happier.

  75. Mike Herman says:

    I hope illegals everywhere are paying attention to the possible opening of another haven. Tired of being deported every time to sneak back into the U.S? Want a “get out of jail free” card for preying on Americans? RUN, don’t walk, to a sanctuary city near you. Free benefits, no law enforcement, and a population of victims too stupid to care.

  76. Flood Denver with ICE Agents, have a nice day!!!

  77. What are they going to do when all the illegals from the other states flood Colorado?

  78. Dwight Davis says:

    Pothead State…holes in their brains as proven by science

  79. The Left just can’t help themselves, they have to destroy everything they touch! Not one Leftist regime in history left their country better off than they found it, not one!

  80. Greg Cochran says:

    Why doesn’t some citizen group sue the council for malfeasance. I would assume (knowing what that can do) that the council members swear to uphold the laws of colorado and the federal government Failure to uphold these laws carries consequences, enforce them.

  81. Chuck Yates says:

    If I was the feds I would flood this city like no other.

  82. Steve Barker says:

    Will there be a defense fund for all those accused of Federal Crimes or will these non-citizens be the only people receiving Denver tax payer funds for their defense? You really can’t make these things up.

  83. Tomas Cruz says:

    Obama and the democrats have unleashed MS 13, cartels, child molesters and rapist from countries we’ve escaped. They’ve been robbing, raping and murdering us for eight years. And the dems and their media have been ignoring it. They are as evil as ISIS.

  84. Barry Hirsh says:

    Can you say “obstruction”? Sure. I like the way you say that!

  85. Tim Lucas says:

    Liberals are humanitarians beyond the point of return. Well past any common sense while selling their own countrymen out to foreign workers and putting the cost of support for those same illegal’s on the tax payer’s back. Liberals always use some humanitarian cause and twist it where I find it more human to ship them back. We have laws or we don’t. Denver chalked full of political liberal idiots.

  86. Joe Boltonn says:

    There are already laws like the Welfare Reform Act that prohibit local governments from shielding immigration status info from the federal government. Urge your Senators to support the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act”, which passed in the House a few weeks ago.

  87. Pal Max says:

    Conspiracy to Aid and Abet is a serious federal felony … Watch your backs, fools.

  88. Jim Temple says:

    Let’s change our immigration policy for a year. When we come across an illegal, in a state that does not have a sanctuary city, we immediately drive them to a state that does, even up to and including the sanctuary city and we drop them off there. We pull all of our immigration enforcement people out of states that allow sanctuary cities and send them to the border. If you think the Cloward-Piven was designed to bankrupt the country, imagine what an unlimited supply of illegals would do to these sanctuary cities.

    Put this in place for a year and review its results. I’m guessing that, actually having to deal with all of the illegals in the country, would bankrupt some of these cities. It’s worth a shot.

    1. Fran Helmer says:

      I live in a sanctuary city Philadelphia PA and i would love to see federal funds taken away, idiot mayor put in a sugar tax even on diet drinks to give money for preschools. Lots of people got along with just kindergarten etc, I go out of the city to buy our Iced Teas and cigarettes which they put mone money on only in the city.. And i want to get our of the city and move to a suburb

  89. Paul Roberts says:

    I would love to see those pompous A. Denver City officials in federal Prison.

  90. The drug cartel is very happy about all this since now they will have an operational
    base without restrictions. I agree with the cartel if people want drugs why are we
    going to outlaw the use.

  91. Don Perry says:

    As soon as they pass that ordinance, arrest and prosecute the whole bunch for violation of federal laws.

  92. Joe Swartz says:

    So, I guess the Federal Government should stop enforcing FDIC, bank deposit insurance, in Colorado. Or completely open federal lands in Colorado to oil exploration with extremely relaxed EPA regulations… I think you get my point – it’s a “two-way street”.

  93. Lee Lobban says:

    Our flaky President is likely too scared to send in the National Guard.

  94. Frank Walker says:

    Sane Americans not living in sanctuary venues overwhelmingly support measures of this sort. We WANT criminal aliens to seek refuge away from where we live. Please, Denver, keep up the good work. You are idiots, but your insanity helps tens of millions of people like me lead safe and enjoyable lives, distant from the criminals you so generously embrace. We owe you big time.

  95. So it is now okay to break Federal law? Anyone out there robbing banks, apparently this city council says it is ok. Dear Mr. President. Send in troops. Arrest the entire city council, Try them, convict, then please take all their assets and distribute it to those illegals they love. And put them in prison for five years so they can think about the error of violating American law.

  96. These “Immigration Attorneys” must have all slept the day that taught law at law school. The US Constitution doesn’t provide for protection or benefits for illegal entrants to go to the public restroom in this country much less providing free welfare and employment.

  97. These “Immigration Attorneys” must have all slept the day they taught law at law school. The US Constitution doesn’t provide for protection or benefits for illegal entrants to go to the public restroom in this country much less providing free welfare and employment.

  98. In Bell, California, the city council violated the law as en banc.

    They were then arrested en banc.

    They were tried separately and are all serving their sentences separately.

    Food for thought.

  99. These “leaders” don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word ILLEGAL!
    These folks should be prosecuted!

  100. Denver City Council loons are doing their best to put Denver’s law abiding citizens at risk. Instead of working quickly to prevent more crimes like that of Ever Valles and Nathan Valdez (TIm Cruz murder), Denver is paving the way for more of them. Federal arrest warrants should be issued for these City Council members for their acts of sedition.

    1. I will continue my practice of not spending a red cent in Denver.

  101. By all means, make your state into a sanctuary for illegals and potheads – then watch your tourism dwindle to a few dollars…

  102. All illegal immigrants everywhere, listen up! Go to Denver, ALL OF YOU. Overwhelm their services, bankrupt the city, overrun the streets and suburbs. Show them the love they’re showing you.

  103. Mike Favetti says:

    Just which part of illegal do those people not understand?

  104. Inaccurate title by CBS. The Feds are interested in immigrants, just ILLEGAL immigrants, particularly FELONS protected by Sanctuary Cities. No sanctuary for their victims. SMH

  105. The Feds aren’t* interested in immigrants, just ILLEGAL ones

  106. Excellent…then when an illegal commits rape, robbery or murder against a Denverite I expect that they will suffer in silence.

  107. Keith Diggs says:

    These people should be SHOT AND KILLED AS TRAITORS.

  108. Rick Fischer says:

    That’s a great trick: declare any law you don’t like violates the Constitution, and you then can ignore it.

  109. City council will lose this fight. Federal law overrules local treason.

  110. tngilmer says:

    This is what happens when you allow a bunch of left coast loons to move to your state and take over.

  111. Greg Miller says:

    Hey Denver protect your legal citizens not criminal illegals!

  112. Protect our own citizens? Nah! Enforce our own laws? Nah! Increase using our taxes to pay for services like education, health care, and legal assistance for criminal illegals? Yep! Make sure that criminal illegals don’t have to pay out-of-state tuition when our U.S. citizens do? Yep! Enforce existing immigration laws? Nah!

  113. Jolly Roger says:

    Ask these, and every other Bolshevik of the Democrat Party if their pro illegal immigration policies would apply if the illegals were blond-haired blue-eyed Ukrainians and Russians. Somehow I think their zeal for foreign invasion would plummet to zero. The RAISE program is the first sane pro-American immigration policy since the 1960’s. Time we emulated countries like Japan. Only demented Western countries import poverty and crime. Non-Western countries in Asia and elsewhere (beyond Western Europe, North America, and Australia/NZ) only allow immigrants who will positively contribute to the economy and society from the moment they enter the country. We need doctors, dentists, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, not more indigent illiterate farm workers and welfare cases. And it doesn’t matter where the professionals come from… be it Mexico, India, or Nigeria.

  114. When ICE shows up to to arrest an illegal alien, just let the city council show them them ordinance. That will really scare ICE away.

  115. Government is more interested in protecting illegals than it’s own citizens. ( SPIT )

  116. What I want to see is 200 ICE agents bust in and see what they do. Arrest them all.

  117. Neil Sorens says:

    Maybe the federal government will consider enforcing federal drug law in Denver in return.

  118. immigrants don’t need protection. illegal aliens do.

  119. Stu Pedasso says:

    Harboring an illegal alien is a federal felony, right?