SAN ANTONIO, Texas (CBS4) – A photo of a family wearing helmets in support of their baby has gone viral.

When Shayna Gutierrez told her 3-year-old daughter Camilla, after returning from a doctor’s appointment, that her brother had had plagiocephaly, the little girl hurried to her room, dug out a pink and yellow bicycle helmet, and returned to her mother.

“Where’s yours?” asked Camilla, while fastening the strap, according to CBS News.

jonas gutierrez plagiocephaly Photo Of Family Wearing Helmets In Solidarity With Baby Goes Viral

(credit: Shayna Gutierrez)

Plagiocephaly is also known as Flat Head Syndrome, which can require a child to wear a helmet 23 hours a day for up to six months in order to reshape it.

In response to Camilla, Shayna grabbed her own helmet, as did her husband Gary, and now the family wears them together regularly.

A photo of the family together in the kitchen has gone viral, with nearly 30,000 retweets and more than 115,000 likes at this writing.

They’ve also received nearly 200 responses, many of them from people with their own “helmet babies,” as one user posts, saying they “are the absolute cutest.”

Gutierrez says she was surprised by the overwhelming response.

“We’re really grateful that people have been moved by this,” she said. “We’re just an average family trying to do our best.”

While plagiocephaly is believed to be on the rise in recent years, experts say the condition is not harmful and can be corrected in a variety of ways, including doing exercises or wearing a corrective helmet like Jonas.


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