By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – One Subaru owner says she won’t sleep with her window closed, so she can keep an ear on her prized possession.

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“I love the all-wheel drive system on them. They can go anywhere and I have no problem in the snow, I love it,” Jeanine said about her Subaru wagon.

(credit: CBS)

But she knows thefts of Subarus is dramatically rising in Colorado.

“Been losing sleep for like two weeks now because worried about my car.”

Jeanine is part of the Colorado chapter of Simply Subies, a group of aficionados.

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Jeanine (credit: CBS)

She says people email or post to social media about stolen cars on a near daily basis now. Some cars have been found by the increased vigilance, but many are picked for parts.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The Metro Auto Theft Task Force says in 2014, 333 Subarus were stolen statewide. So far in 2017 531 have been stolen.

The vast majority of thefts happen in the Denver Metro Area.

“There are multiple variables that contribute to why Subarus are becoming a more targeted vehicle for auto theft. Specifically, the older 1990 to mid-2000 model vehicles are at the highest risk for being stolen. A large reasoning is because the older model Subarus lack the high-quality technology, keyless or electronic key starters, and overall computer-based security systems that many newer models now feature. This makes the security of these older model vehicles easier to bypass by auto thieves,” the task force said in a press release.

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Honda Civics and Accords are still the most stolen car in Colorado. Police say 40 percent of thefts happen as a crime of opportunity meaning the cars are often left unlocked.

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