DENVER (CBS4) – The little boy in the viral video who screamed for Rockies center fielder Charlie Blackmon got to meet the real deal Friday night.

Whenever Blackmon would to the plate, 2-year-old Tommy Carlson would get excited.

Really excited.

And a video showing just how excited he’d get went viral.

Tommy Carlson (credit: CBS)

“It’s Charlie Blackmon! Yay! He’s here! Charlie Blackmon!” Carlson yelled from his high chair.

With the Rockies retweeting it, the clip made Carlson into a bit of a celebrity who might know more about baseball than most, as proven in an exchange with his father.

“What’s Nolan’s last name?” … “Arenado.”
“And Trevor …” “Story.”
“And D.J. …” “Lemahieu.”
“And Mark …” “Mark Reynolds.”

The Rockies set up the meet-and-greet with Carlson and Blackmon just before Friday night’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Coors Field.

When Blackmon entered the room, Carlson appeared stunned. He walked right up to Blackmon, standing there, staring at him as though he wasn’t sure Charlie was real.

Blackmon scooped him up, joking that they’re hugging, and gave the boy a high five.