By Shaun Boyd

DENVER (CBS4) – President Trump’s Secretary of Education paid a visit to Denver.

Secretary Betsy DeVos told The American Legislative Exchange Council that providing more education options isn’t against public schools.

(credit: CBS)

“School choice is about recognizing parent’s inherent right to choose what is best for their children.”

Her message was welcomed by the group of mostly conservative lawmakers. It comes one day after hundreds of people protested her support of school choice.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“This advocacy has lead to some – let’s call it – excitement on the left,” DeVos told the group. “But I consider the excitement a badge of honor. Our opponents – defenders of the status quo – only protest those who can bring real change.”

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos (credit: CBS)

She says the protesters are worried because school choice reform is sweeping the nation.

Colorado’s legislature passed a bill this year aimed at equalizing funding for charter schools.

DeVos is also a supporter of private school vouchers, which she says would benefit under privileged kids most.

“Wealthy people already have choices,” she says.

Still, as secretary, she says she won’t mandate school choice policies.

(credit: CBS)

She insists change will come not at the federal level, but state and local levels.

“The overreach by the previous administration should not be countered by overreach by this administration. My job is to get the federal government out of way so you can do your jobs. The time of inefficient, top down, one size fits all mandates is over.”

DeVos says her department is also reviewing hundreds of regulations put in place by the Obama administration, and has frozen two rules dealing with for profit schools and student loan forgiveness.

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