DENVER (CBS4) – A dog was saved after being left in a hot car at Denver International Airport.

Jake Williams discovered the dog, a “caged, whimpering puppy” that was left with only “slightly cracked windows” in 92 degree heat.

He tweeted out a picture, in which the crate can be seen in the back of the car.

Williams called police, who removed the dog from the car and gave it water.

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It is unknown how long the dog was left alone in the car, but any time can be too long.

When the temperature outside is 90 degrees, it can reach over 130 degrees inside a car.

dogs in hot cars 10pkg frame 125 Police Save Caged, Whimpering Puppy From Hot Car

(credit: CBS)

In Colorado it is illegal to leave a child unattended in a vehicle, and in August a new law will be implemented that will allow bystanders to break a window if a person or pet are found to be in danger inside.

Denver police say the owner is a juvenile female from out of state, who has now been cited for animal cruelty.


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