BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – Stem cell therapy isn’t just for people. A dog received the treatment at the Aspen Arbor Animal Hospital in Broomfield on Wednesday.

(credit: CBS)

The patient — 10-year-old Jenni — is a Newfoundland mix with arthritis in her hips and elbows and veterinarians say the procedure is a minimally invasive way to treat her constant pain.

“These are her stem cells that already are existing in her body and we’re just isolating them and putting them back in where they’re needed,” said lab tech Darah Johnson.

The relief can last up to two years, according to vets. The techical name of the procedure is acti-stem cell therapy, and it is described by MediVet Biologics as follows:

MediVet’s stem cell therapy surpasses any other treatment options for elbow or hip dysplasia and arthritis in dogs and cats. Stem cells rebuild the cartilage in joints and reduce painful inflammation naturally. They are healing cells, naturally found throughout the body. The stem cells that are used in MediVet’s Acti-Stem Cell Therapy procedure are derived from the patient’s own fat, during a minimally invasive procedure. Once separated from the fat, a serum rich in the pets own healing stem cells is injected into the joints. The concentrated amount of stem cells in the damaged joint, simultaneously rebuild the cartilage and reduce painful inflammation. Repairing the arthritic joints eliminates the need of costly, ongoing pain medication and joint supplements for the dog.


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