By Andrea Flores

DENVER (CBS4)– Friends and family members of Sebastian Bridges are still in shock after they say he was killed suddenly, while waiting at a red light at 29th Avenue and York Street in Denver’s Skyland neighborhood.

“He was taken from us,” said 39-year-old Bridges’ sister, Sernado Davis. “I just couldn’t believe it.”

A memorial to Sebastian Bridges (credit: CBS)

Police say the driver of a red Buick, 28-year-old Necoyia Smith, was yelling out of her window to someone on the sidewalk when she lost control Wednesday night.

(credit: CBS)

“She had been arguing supposedly with her boyfriend,” Davis claims.

(credit: CBS)

Investigators say Smith, 28, was distracted when she hit the curb, took out a traffic light, and slammed into Sebastian’s Cadillac.

Necoyia Smith (credit: CBS)

Davis says Sebastian was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

(credit: CBS)

“I’m going to miss him. [Smith’s family] has their family, we don’t have [Sebastian] anymore,” Davis said. We don’t get to say, ‘Hello,’ ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Goodbye.’ We don’t get to do all that any more.”

Sebastian Bridges’ brother and sister, Sernado Davis (credit: CBS)

The suspected distracted driver faces vehicular homicide and reckless driving.

Court records indicate she was advised of the charges Saturday morning.

Sebastian Bridges (credit: CBS)

Bridges’ family says Smith bond was set at $50,000. They say it should have been more.

“I just want justice for my brother,” Davis said.

A memorial to Sebastian Bridges (credit: CBS)

As they continue to grieve, his family has a message for other drivers.

“Pay attention,” said Bridges’ brother, who did not want to be identified.

(credit: CBS)

The Denver Police Department says Smith may have been under the influence when she crashed. They could not indicate if alcohol or drugs played a role in the accident.

Andrea Flores is a reporter for CBS4. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter @AndreaFloresTV.