LOS ANGELES (Radio.com) – It’s been 13 years since Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughan, Christine Taylor and Justin Long took the court in the comedy Dodgeball. Now the teams are getting back together to support the Stiller Foundation, which builds schools in Haiti. For a digital fundraiser, the original cast of Dodgeball reunited to tease a charity tournament—in which users can pick sides.

Stiller revived his loathsome White Goodman character to make the pitch:

“I’ve watched as all of you have gotten fatter and dumber—with your hashtags, and your ‘baes,’ and your Kanyes. Everything is so PC now…even good old-fashioned bullying is out.”

ben stiller dodgeball Ben Stiller Challenges Justin Bieber, Katy Perry To Ultimate Dodgeball Game

(credit: Ben Stiller / Facebook)

In one of the teasers, Goodman challenges celebrities to join the ultimate dodgeball game.

“Hey Bieber—you think hockey and hoops are hard?” he taunts. “Try dodgeball, my Canadian not-friend. My balls in your face.”

“Katheryn Perry, behold!” Goodman says. “I, White Goodman, challenge you to cease making endlessly catchy pop songs and come put your hands on my dodgeballs. I promise…there will be fireworks.”

Stiller also comes for The Rock, Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James.

Watch the clips here:


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