NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook is deleting about 66,000 posts a week as the social media giant cracks down on what it considers to be hate speech.

The company says in a blog post Tuesday that deleting posts can “feel like censorship,” but that it is working on explaining its process better.

Facebook says it defines hate speech as attacks on people based on their race, sexual orientation and other “protected characteristics.” The Menlo Park, California, company says it mostly relies on its nearly two billion users to report any hateful posts they see. Workers then review the posts and decide whether to delete it.

gettyimages 624830956 Facebook Now Deleting 66K Posts A Week In Anti Hate Campaign

Facebook (credit: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Facebook Inc. says it has 4,500 workers reviewing posts and plans to hire 3,000 more in the next year.

The deleted posts went up over the last two months.

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  1. That is EXACTLY what it is, an attack on our 2nd Amendment rights. That jerk Zuckerberg met with Merkel and O’bama and they told him to stop the attacks on radical muslims and islam. He and they are left winged liberal communist/facists, welcome to The Third Reich, telling us what to think and believe and they will dictate what is allowed to be shared. Time to shut down FB and go wo MeWe or another social site that does not violate our rights.

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