DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s public employee pension fund netted a 7.3 percent return on its investments last year, according to its annual report.

But while the Public Employees’ Retirement Association earned $3 billion in 2016, its unfunded liabilities grew to more than $32 billion.

The Denver Post reports Saturday that those obligations are up 20 percent after PERA lowered investment return expectations in November.

Lawmakers are expected to examine the fund’s growing liabilities in next year’s legislative session.

PERA provides retirement benefits to 568,000 current and former public employees.

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  1. Michael Corn says:

    The easy way to fix this is to raise the retirement age and fire those safety employees with the highest number of excessive force and those not physically fit for their jobs. Retire at 50? No way. This is NOT the military and fewer cops die than in 1887. I was a pension administrator for a small city. This is a silent rip off of the public

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