FORT WORTH, Texas (CBS4) – An alleged shoplifter at Walmart had his crime spree cut short by the Dark Knight himself.

Batman, who is actually Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole, was dressed for his own charity event when the store alarm went off.

The off-duty officer leaped into action and caught the suspect with four stolen DVDs. Ironically, one of the movies was reportedly the Lego Batman movie.

The Forth Worth veteran, while in costume the entire time, wrote the shoplifter a ticket before continuing his event.

The officer runs a nonprofit called Heroes and Cops Against Childhood Cancer.

Cole uses his time off to visit children’s hospitals nationwide, each time in a different superhero outfit, with the mission of improving the lives of children in need. His goal is to visit children dealing with cancer and other illnesses in all 50 states and Canada.

Cole says the shoplifter asked for a selfie, which the officer agreed to after he promised not to steal again.


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