ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (CBS4) – Following a violent encounter with an angry species of antelope, Banio the giraffe is recovering and “doing well,” according to handlers at the Rotterdam Zoo.

“Banio has been checked by our vet and fortunately only has some superficial wounds,” wrote zoo personnel on the zoo’s website.

Banio the giraffe following his encounter. ( credit – Rotterdam Zoo)

Nico the kudu is OK, too.

The particular savannah exhibit in which the attack happened in full view of the public was opened in 2009. And, according to the zoo, kudus and giraffes usually get along quite well together in this savannah exhibit.

“Combining different species approaches the natural situation and is a form of enrichment for the animals,” reads the zoo’s web story.

That certainly was not the case June 11th when Nico unexpectedly took offense to Banio’s presence.

The protective caps on the tips of Nico’s horns prevented any goring injury to the giraffe, according to the zoo.

The zoo also speculated a female kudu’s reproductive condition may have contributed to the situation.

Nico is not permitted access to any giraffes at this time.


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  1. Karen Hulse says:

    If they could video this why the hell didnt someone go in there and help this poor Giraffe. this was so cruel to video and not go in to help. shame on you.

  2. Nona Maynard says:

    Where the Hell was the zookeepers?

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