(CBS4) – A popular exercise for most looking to stay in shape and lose a few pounds in the process is regularly running distance. But, according to fitness author Lou Schuler, running long distances isn’t particularly efficient when it comes to the process of losing weight.

pace group Running Long Distance Doesnt Help Weight Loss, Fitness Author Says

(credit: CBS)

In Schuler’s new book, “The New Rules of Lifting For Women,” he says that running miles doesn’t burn fat as well as being in a gym. Schuler says that the human body adapts to repetitive running and burns fewer calories after doing it for a while.

“If your goal is to be leaner, then greater endurance isn’t really to your benefit,” Schuler said, via CBS 9 DC.

When running, you’re generally ignoring your upper body. Adding weight training to workouts on top of the cardio is more beneficial than just jogging so you can engage your entire body. Plus, your body doesn’t stop working when you walk out of the weight room because it is still burning calories and making muscles even after you leave.

“If I’m looking at a gym and looking at what can I get the most bang for my buck from, it’s whatever I can use that moves and works the most muscle groups at the same time,” Dr. William Roberts, former president of the American College of Sports Medicine said, per CBS 9. “If you can build strength and build muscle mass, you’re going to burn more calories,” Roberts said. “Even if you’re idling.”

Sprinting, however, doesn’t present the same problems as running. Sprinting builds leg muscles, which is a similar concept to the weight lifting training.

Still, overall, running isn’t pulling its weight in terms of weight loss unless you’re getting something else out of it.

“With cardio, you can slog away for 30 minutes at a lower intensity and burn 200 calories — or you can just eat 200 fewer calories per day,” said fitness coach Adam Bornstein, via Shape. “It’s the same thing.”