GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A Brazilian clothing company is apologizing for shooting a commercial at Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs.

Liquido, an active wear company, faced harsh criticism on social media after sharing pictures of models posing at the popular, and pristine, hiking destination.

(credit: Instagram)

The US Forest Service does not allow the lake to be used for commercial purposes. Or people to walk on the log. Or even go into the water. Both the water and the log are off limits.

In the photo, the models are posing on the log and the photographer is up to his waist in the water.

(credit: Instagram)

There are signs surrounding the lake which clearly state the areas that are off limits.

Authorities said the company would have known the rules at Hanging Lake if they had bothered to ask for a permit.

  1. The photographer does not work for liquido active and definitely should have known better. His name Stephen M Blasetti and he owns a photography business called Beevisualnation. AND HE LIVES IN DENVER. He was identified by Liquido Active in their original instagram post. Stephen has already shut down his social media accounts in an effort to stay out of trouble. I hope the authorities have this information.

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