LONDON (CBS4) – At least six people died in a blaze at a London apartment tower.

More than 50 other people were transported to hospitals, according to CBS News, but that number could be into the seventies.

“In my 29 years of firefighting I have seen nothing of this scale,” said Dany Cotton, Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade.

The high-rise apartment fire began at approximately 1:30 a/m. local time and quickly became an inferno.

london fire At Least 6 Dead, Dozens More Transported In London Fire

(credit: Twitter/@LondonFire)

“Things falling out, people screaming, people jumping out on fire, chucking ropes down what they’d made out of bed sheets, to try and climb out. Just complete nightmare, absolute nightmare,” said Paul Littlejohn, who lives opposite the Grenfell Tower.

Two witnesses tell CBS News that they saw parents throwing babies and children from balconies to save them. At least one was caught by a person on the ground, and survived.

Fire crews are still trying to clear the building, searching room-by-room for victims or survivors.

The cause of the fire remains unknown, but recent renovation work was completed at the building.


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