BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4)– The teenage suspect in the murder of Kiaya Campbell appeared in court on Wednesday where formal charges were filed. He remains in custody without bond.

Thornton police arrested the 15-year-old boy, later identified as Aidan Zellmer, in connection with the 10-year-old’s murder.

The search surrounding the ravine where Kiaya’s body was found (credit: CBS)

Zellmer was charged with first-degree murder in Adams County Court.

Aidan Zellmer (credit: CBS)

“We formally filed two counts of first-degree murder. The first count is intent and after deliberation murder. The second count is what’s called murder of a child under the age of 12 by a person in a position of trust; both of those are class one felonies,” said Adams County District Attorney Dave Young.

Kiaya disappeared June 7 while walking home with Zellmer, the 15-year-old son of her father’s girlfriend. When he returned home without Kiaya, he told police they were separated in a rainstorm.

Aidan Zellmer’s father outside of court on Wednesday (credit: CBS)

Outside the courtroom on Wednesday, Zellmer’s father shouted while holding a Bible, “God is good, God is merciful. It’s all about God… when will we return back to God.”

Kiaya Campbell (credit: CBS)

Thornton police arrested Zellmer at 11:38 p.m. Saturday for investigation of first-degree murder.

He will return to court on June 30 for a bond hearing and to set a preliminary hearing date. Prosecutors want the case transferred to adult court.

(credit: CBS)

Kiaya’s family has not publicly reacted to the tragedy but her mother did start a GoFundMe page which has raised thousands of dollars.

Kiaya Campbell (credit: CBS)

LINK: GoFundMe To Help Support Kiaya Campbell’s Family

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  1. Britain Stevenson says:

    Aidan is suppose to be innocent until proven guilty. He is being slammed all over the media as he is definitely the killer. I believe this boy did not do this. There was a rainstorm as Aidan stated. There was Metallica concert in Denver right up the road. Any nut/person stalking that little girl could have planned all this out. She had videos all over YouTube. She was a sweet innocent little girl and sure did not deserve this injustice/evil. LE should have investigated this situation before jumping to conclusions and focusing on the obvious. His dad is right about God. Doesn’t matter what man thinks. God rules and the truth will be made known.

  2. Josh Carlson says:

    Aidan Zellmer’s dad is Oscar from The Office? Who knew???!!!

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