By Jennifer Brice

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (CBS4)– One woman is hoping her dog will recover after an attack by a pit bull in an off-leash dog park. It happened at the Westminster Hills Off-Leash Dog Park located along Simms Street near 108th Avenue.

Forest, just 4 years old, is recovering with 26 stitches to his neck.

Forest (credit: CBS)

His owner, Yvonne Kuennen, says the aggressive dog came out of nowhere around 5:15 p.m. Monday, “And attacked my dog, went for the neck and the juggler and missed it by a quarter of an inch.”

Kuennen says her son tried to pull the pit bull off her dog, but the animal lunged again.

(credit: CBS)

“Grabbing him again even tighter and the owner couldn’t get his jaws to unlock,” she adds.

Kuennen rushed Forest to an animal hospital, even got a phone number from the pit bull owner, but she says they have not called back yet to talk about the attack and the mounting medical bills.

Forest got 26 stitches after he was attacked by a pit bull (credit: CBS)

Kuennen has called police and animal control because she is concerned the aggressive dog could strike again.

She wants to owner to do the right thing, “Come forward, take responsibility.”

CBS4’s Jennifer Brice interviews Yvonne Kuennen (credit: CBS)

Kuennen does not know if her dog will even survive but is caring for him around the clock. Now, she just wants the public to vigilant until animal control can get a hold of the pit bull’s owner.

Forest was attacked by a pit bull (credit: CBS)

“They cannot be here, where children and other dog are that can be attacked so viciously,” said Kuennen.

Forest was attacked by a pit bull (credit: CBS)

Westminster police told CBS4 their animal control division is investigating the incident and working to locate the dog’s owners. The pit bull’s owner could face charges.

Jennifer Brice is a reporter with CBS4 focusing on crime and courts. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter @CBS4Jenn.

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  1. So sick of reading these! Ban these dogs now!!

  2. The ‘juggler’? Really?

    1. I know! Among several other brazen grammatical errors. The writer needs a proofreader. Anyway, pit bulls maul, maim, and kill every day. Beware!

  3. Another misguided do-gooder thinks they can rehabilitate a pit bull. You can’t train or socialize DNA out of a dog. Now a poor little dog pays the price for her stupidity.

  4. Jill Katsis says:

    I was witness to this attack and I have a description of the woman and her dog. The dogs name is Huckleberry and goes by Huck it is white with light brown spots. The owner is a caucasian girl, very petite with long blonde hair and a large tattoo of flowers and greenery (I think) on her left thigh. I met her several months ago and she told me she rescued the pitbull and it used to be a fighting dog. At that time it had a muzzle and she was socializing it. The last couple time I saw them she had the muzzle off. If you know this person and this dog I can be reached at, the owner should pay this vet bill

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