BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) – The two osprey at the Boulder Reservoir have welcomed their first chick.

The egg hatched sometime over the weekend, with the new chick visible on the Boulder County Open Space and Mountain Park’s live camera.

The Open Space and Mountain Parks staff have monitored the Osprey nest since 2011. “Since then the nest has been successful every year, fledgling a total of nine young,” they post on their site.

This latest chick would be number ten.

Both a male and female can be seen and identified by their different markings.

boulder reservoir osprey chick1 Boulder Osprey Nest Welcomes First Chick


“The female Osprey has a ‘bib’ of dark feathers on her chest, whereas the male has an almost completely white chest.”

It is unclear if there are any other eggs in the nest left to hatch.

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  1. Randy Meier says:

    you guys are way behind, this egg hatched a week ago on 6/4/17

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