RAMAPO, N.J. (CBS4) – Officers in northern New Jersey saved a newborn deer.

The fawn fell down a storm drain early Friday morning shortly after it was born.

Luckily officers Sgt. Sal Matos and Marc Lieman, who work the midnight shift, assisted by the Chaverim Safety Patrol, were able to help.

The two used a pole and lasso to pull the trapped fawn from the drain, trying not to touch it and get their sent on the baby.

Once the baby was out, they spotted the mother on the other side of the street and delivered the fawn to her.

“The fawn was apparently reunited with the mother,” the Town of Ramapo Police Department, who posted the video, said in a comment on Facebook. “It took several hours for the mother to come out of the woods, we think due to the human scent that was on the fawn.”


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