By Britt Moreno

DENVER (CBS4) – Out of my comfort zone. That’s how I felt after arriving to the set of a photo shoot. Honored is how I feel overall about being chosen for the cover of Denver Style Magazine.

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I am still surprised they chose me out of all the incredible journalists we have in town!

Those who know me like to tease that I always look so uncomfortable and stiff in photos and they are right! The fact that I am awkward and unnatural in front of a still camera tends to surprise others though, because I snap selfies for my CBS4 Facebook and Twitter pages. Plus, on set and in the field I forget the video camera is even rolling. I look into that lens as if it were a long time friend, but for still pictures it’s like I am on a first date with spinach in my teeth.

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Kudos to the DSM staff who helped put me at ease. They had a makeup artist and hair stylist on hand. I remember feeling like a different person because of the way the makeup was applied, but I trusted them and just went with it. Two women touched me up and then we hopped right into shooting with a couple of other journalists from other stations. We all had fun connecting and I feel as though I made a couple of new friends.

I was particularly impressed with the DSM staff, because they were so kind, open and friendly. I was so relaxed at one point I did not even realize I was being interviewed! The fact I used to take dance and believe a smile exudes confidence ended up in the magazine. Also the fact that I am newly engaged and planning a wedding was scrawled in a post beneath my pics! Which by the way, I wore a navy dress for one of the looks and now navy is one of my wedding colors!

It was a new experience being on the set of a photo shoot and being on the other side of the camera. If there were another opportunity, I would probably embrace it a little better and mellow more. However, this time around I had so much fun!

My fashion advice is this: roll your shoulders back and smile. You’ll always look more put together with that in mind. Also, embrace the qualities you do like. If it’s your legs, show them off.

For me, I don’t exactly love my short legs (haha). Instead, I may wear a cut that highlights my waist and camouflages other parts of which I’m not so proud. I do believe beauty comes from within and so if you have that inner peace you’ll stun!

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Thanks to Denver Style Magazine for this amazing opportunity here in Denver! It got me out of my comfort zone and more into the comfort of my own skin.